5 Ways to Skyrocket Sales With Video

Are you using video in your business yet? If not, there are some compelling reasons why you should start. If you are already using video, are they working as hard as they could be to increase sales?

Why video needs to be part of your marketing plan: In an Invodo report in 2013 it was reported that:

  • 52% of consumers say watching videos on products makes them more confident to buy
  • 174% higher likelihood of product purchase among shoppers who view this media
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates from 7% to 13%
  • Video on your website may also increase your search engine rankings

How Videos Skyrocket Sales

Branding – since videos are engaging, it is easy to create branding by using video. The more your customers see your brand, the more likely they are to visit your place of business when they need what you offer.

Engaging – most people would prefer to watch video to obtain information than to read. By having engaging video content about your business, you are more likely to get visitors and customers than if all of the information was presented in the written form.

Know/Like/Trust – people buy from those that they know, like and trust. Because they see you and your facial expressions and your body language, it is easier to get someone to feel like they know you (and then like and trust you) through video than through print media.

Call to Action – Video lends itself well to Call to Actions — telling visitors what to do next. You can direct them to download more information, you can share your contact information with them, send them to your Facebook page or Website. Or you can send them to an opt-in page so that you can continue to send them content and offers.

Page One Ranking – Videos ranked on page one of Google stand out among those listings that are simply text. They are more likely to get clicked on then any other listing on the page.


Business Videos That Work For You

There are several types of videos that businesses can use to increase their bottom line. The more types you use, the more impact they will have.

Introduction Videos – If you have a website, it is the perfect place to have a video that introduces your business, your products and/or services. It is a great way to begin the Know/Like/Trust process that I spoke of previously.

Testimonials — video testimonials are more effective than simple text. Video shows both verbal and non verbal communication so they are more believable. Emotion sells, so if the person is passionate about what they are saying, it will resonate positively with the person watching the video.

Product Demonstration – Video lends itself well to demonstrations. In the video, benefits and features can be shown, not just talked about. If you have a product that could be considered difficult to use, a video can put aside those fears.

Commercial – Small businesses can now afford to produce commercials on video. These can be played on YouTube, Facebook, or your website. They are a great way to advertise services or products. It can also be used to build brand awareness.

Need a Video Created and/or Ranked?

Contact us for a free consultation. My team can create the perfect video(s) for your business. We also specialize in ranking videos on Google. Whether it is a video that we create or one that you already have, contact us to get it working for you in the search engines.


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