geting views to videos

Got Videos? Got Views?

So you’ve spent a lot of time and money creating educational or informative videos to draw in clients and customers. You uploaded one after another to YouTube and sat back waiting for the views to roll in.

One, two… and then nothing.

So you created more and uploaded more…

And more….

And now you have dozens, perhaps hundreds of videos that you know would really help those in search of answers, but they are not being seen.

The problem could be that you are answering questions that your potential clients do not have. Check out my blog post here to discover how to know what questions your potential clients are asking.

Or perhaps you are answering their questions, but your videos are just not being found. With thousands of videos being uploaded to Youtube every single day, it is not surprising that many never see the light of day, or get viewed by those who could use them the most.

There are many factors involved to getting videos ranked in Youtube and Google where people searching for content can find them. These include optimizing the video properly, titles that are keyword rich, and also outside factors such as how many views and social shares a video receives.

What is a business owner who is trying to run a business to do? I can help. If you have videos that you would like to get more views to, contact me for a free consultation. My team can get your videos to the top of the search engines where people who need them will be able to find them and the services that you provide.


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