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How an Interactive Video Can Help Your Business

What is an Interactive Video?

Traditional video are what most of us are used to viewing. They allow the viewer to click play, watch, and perhaps rewind or fast forward the video. Interactive videos allow the viewer to actually take part in the video. It allows the creator to develop different paths that the viewer can choose as they watch the video. Interactive videos engage consumers and many top brands, such as Honda and Warner Bros and Maybelline are using them in their marketing.

Should you? Here is a scenario:

It seems that everyone is concerned about how pretty their videos look, but have less concern about what the best way is to turn their video viewers into customers. Video viewers are just normal people. Each viewer is a different person with different hopes, dreams and desires, and yet online we seem to treat all of them as one person.

As business owners, we create one video. We have one sales message and we have one call-to-action, hoping to convert thousands of different types of people.

It doesn’t seem to make much sense. If you were a personal trainer, for instance, you probably would talk to a guy that wants to put on muscle differently from a woman that wants to lose weight.

interactive business video

In the real world we understand that every person is different, yet for some reason we forget this when we’re making videos online. As a result, we suffer with lower conversions, higher video drop-offs and less sales than we deserve.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Interactive videos allow the person watching our videos to choose what they want to see, which allows us to convert them in real time, based on their individual hopes, dreams and desires.

This is how it works. Imagine for a second you’re in the diet market and you know that your product can help men and women lose weight. You know you have at least these two groups within your audience that would love to buy your product. If your video only speaks to the first group, the second group won’t buy, and if you make your videos for the second group, the first group won’t buy.

What is needed is a video that speaks to both groups. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with traditional videos, but with interactive videos you can ask your audience questions and then deliver custom content on the spot based on their answers.

Imagine how much your business will grow when you start speaking to your video viewers directly instead of presenting just one message to everyone.

What Elements Can Be Used Within Interactive Videos

There are several different elements that can be used within interactive videos.

  • Hotspots are clickable areas (buttons, images, text) within a video that can take a viewer to a new web page, another video, or open up a new window where the viewer can interact further.
  • Interactive videos can make use of branches, or different paths that a viewer can take to customize the content they view.
  • Optin Forms or other types of data fields can be created through which a user can enter information such as their name and email address.
  • Coupons and Quizzes can be created by combining buttons and branches to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalized result.

In short, the viewer can choose and then be taken to any place you’d like. This is a very powerful way to deliver what customers want and allows you to see what your customers want. Interactive videos can be placed on both websites and social media platforms. So you can reach your audience everywhere they hang out.

Why Use Interactive Video?

There are several reasons to consider using interactive video in your business.

  • Interactive videos are fun. If you have content that your customers enjoy consuming, they will consume it. Viewers are also less likely to get distracted while viewing an interactive video, since they are actively engaged as they watch.
  • Interactive videos can be measured and tracked. Traditional videos can only be tracked through number of views and time watched. There is no real way to know how effective it is or the impact it is making. With interactive videos, you can track clicks within the video. So you know what choices your viewers are making.
  • Interactive videos are more likely to convert. According to MarketingProfs, banner ads, Youtube annotations and Google display ads convert at less than 1%, while interactive videos covert at more than 11%.
  • Interactive videos enhance brand recognition. Being able to engage with the content in an interactive video makes the viewer more likely to remember your brand.

What Type of Businesses Should Use Interactive Videos?

Interactive videos are ideal for all types of businesses. Real Estate Agents can use interactive videos to show their featured listings, allow the viewer to download information about a home, or tips for selling a home. A coffee shop can create an interactive video to allow users to choose their favorite beverage and receive a coupon to use on the spot. A plumber can use an interactive video to inquire as to the nature of the viewers problem and offer solutions and a discount if they book an appointment. Ecom or brick and mortar stores can allow viewers to see descriptions and deals to compare different products within their store.

Any business that wants to provide customized information, coupons, solutions, etc., can benefit from an interactive video. An interactive video can also be created out of any already existing video, or one can be created from scratch.

To see a few examples of how interactive videos can be used to increase business, check out this page.

By creating an interactive video, you can end the frustration of having hundreds of people watch your videos and then leave without taking any action. Instead, you can find out exactly what your viewers are interested in, show them customized video segments based on their personal needs, and give them the right kind of information that they need to make a buying decision.


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