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7 Ways To Use Surveys To Skyrocket Sales

With the digital age, it has become easier than ever before for businesses to survey their customers. Yet, many don’t. Is it too much trouble or do they just not know how to go about it?

Perhaps if they knew how even simple surveys could skyrocket sales, they would take a second look.

How to Use Surveys

  1. Understand Your Customers — At any given moment you may feel that you know your customers and what they like. Until you survey them, you won’t know for sure. If you own a restaurant, what dish do they like the most? If you own a club, what DJ do they prefer? By knowing this type of information, you can taylor your menu or your DJ line up and increase the likelihood that they will return — often.
  2. Discover What Incentives Work Best — You can ask your customers if they prefer a discount coupon, a giveaway or a contest. You can do this with trial and error, or you can simply ask them, and provide them what they want.
  3. Collect contact information such as an email address. By collecting addresses you can email your customers to let them know about a special or to offer an incentive to bring them during a slow business period.
  4. For crowdsourcing. Ask your customers to help you decide on a new product line, branding name or product name. People love to be asked their opinion — use this fact to develop your brand.
  5. Evaluate employee satisfaction. Engaged employees mean a more productive workplace. By conducting a survey you can get a pulse on your business environment.
  6. Add more fun. You can use surveys to add a sense of playfulness for your employees or customers. Create a survey to see how much they know about your business and give the winner a prize.
  7. Learn what you are doing right! Every business owner needs to hear what their customers and employees like about the business. Having this insight can help spur on new, creative ideas on which to build.

What Survey Software Should Do For You

What type of survey software is best for businesses? To make the most of your survey, you need to be able to taylor it to your brand, have questions that can branch out depending on how the person answers, and can capture email addresses so that you can follow up.

In the video below, I demonstrate survey software that can help businesses increase sales, as well as customer and employee loyalty.

Types of Businesses That Benefit From Surveys

In short, all businesses could benefit from surveys. Restaurants and pubs, hotels, real estate, plumbers and electricians, accountants, stores, both online and offline businesses.

If you would like a survey like the one featured in the video above, contact me for a free consultation.