How To Get More Email Opt-Ins In 2016

How to get more email optins

Do you have an opt-in form on your blog? If so, great! Collecting email addresses from your fans and followers is one of the best ways to turn them into clients and customers.

So, how is it going?

If you are not receiving the number of opt-ins that you would like, perhaps what you are doing is no longer working.

The Problem

Most business owners place an opt-in form on their site with a “Subscribe” or “Submit” button. In the past, this was an effective strategy. If the visitor liked the information that they read, they subscribed so that they would be alerted when new blog posts were created.

Unfortunately, over time, this technique has yielded fewer and fewer opt-ins. People have become savvy and they know that they are giving up something precious –their email address. Joining a newsletter no longer holds enough value for them to hand over an entrance to their email box.

So what is a business owner to do?

Provide the visitor with something of value.

Your Lead Magnet

If a visitor landed on your page and is engaged with one or more of your posts, offer them something that is congruent with what they are reading. If they are reading about how the Paleo diet helped you lose 12 pounds in two months, offer them Five Of My Favorite Paleo Recipes That Can Be Made In 10 Minutes or Less. If your post is about the importance of changing your car’s oil on a regular basis, offer them an Oil Changing Step-by-Step Guide For The New Car Owner.

Make the report short, to the point, and addressing the need that brought them to your post in the first place.

You can create a different guide or report for different blog posts and automatically segment your list by very specific interests. Do not feel restricted to placing an opt-in form only in a sidebar or an exit pop-up. You can place an opt-in call to action at the end of a blog post or even within a blog post like this:

Free Download: How to Get More Opt-Ins in 2016 PLUS the code for this in-content opt-in box. Download these helpful tips now.


For blog posts that are full of information that the visitor might want to reference in the future, or read at a later date, offering a .pdf of the actual blog post can be extremely useful and valuable. Click here to see an example of this blog post as a .pdf.

TIP: It can be even more valuable to package up several of your most popular blog posts as a .pdf and give that away as a lead magnet, and/or place it on document sharing sites for greater reach and branding. You can also include advertisements, product endorsements or affiliate links within the .pdf.

Too much trouble? Not sure how to go about it? Hire my team to do this for you: contact us, and reference this blog post for a 50% discount on this service.

The Follow Up

Once they have opted in to your list, follow up with them. Tell them who you are and educate them on how your products and services can help them. Provide coupons, tips, best known practices, contests, etc., so that they will look forward to your email landing in their box. Create more .pdfs of your best blog posts and send them to your subscribers regularly to thank them for following you.

A responsive email list is an asset that business owners should build and nurture. It is one of many strategies to effectively serve customers while increasing one’s business.


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