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How To Use Video In Your Business

For the past few days I have been talking about the importance of using video in your business. As more people seek out video to learn about products and services, businesses that do not embrace this technology will be left behind.

While people have become accustomed to walking out of the room when a commercial comes on the television, videos are different. People actively choose to watch videos and often they share them. The more you use them in your business, the greater the impact on your branding.

Ways That Businesses Use Video

The Twitter Video – While most people see twitter as a text-based social platform, what do you think your customers will think when you respond to their question with a video? Demonstrating the answer or showing the product they were asking about? Using video allows you to go above and beyond the expectations of your customer and doing so often gives you a customer for life.

Review Videos – There is nothing more real than having a customer on video raving about you and your company. With so many people using live streaming, many customers would be happy to pull out their phone and do a review on the spot. Just ask. Having a steady stream of these on YouTube and ranked in Google for potential clients to find, will have a constant “word of mouth” effect to bring in referrals. If you are not sure how to rank videos or if you would like another alternative to creating review videos, check out my blog post here.

Additionally, if you offer a recurring service, you can create a landing page for sign ups and and have these testimonial videos on that landing page. This will serve as a powerful endorsement of you and your company and further encourage potential clients to sign up.

Educational Videos – Using video to explain a solution to a problem or introduce a new service or product often works much better than putting the same information into written format.

Example of an Educational and New Product Video

Video in Email. Email that contains videos have a higher click through rate than those that do not. According to salesforce.com, simply putting the word “video” in the subject line will increase open rates by 19%. Having a video in the email message will increase click-through rate by up to 300% and reduce unsubscribes by 75%! This, of course, doesn’t mean that you can toss just any video into email and hit send.

The best type of videos to put into email are demonstration and new product videos. The key is to be brief, entertaining and engaging.

Always end your email video and all videos with a call to action. What do you want the viewer to do? What page do you want him to land on next? Are you sending him to a purchase page, a page that contains more information, another video or are you asking him to give you a call?

Next Steps

If you want to use video in your business and don’t know how to get started, contact me for a free consultation.

Comment below and let me know what ways you use video in your business, or new ways you’d like to try.