Innovative Approaches to Small Business Promotion

What We Can Do For Your Business

Our mission is to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and consultants become more visible and bring in more clients by creating a large footprint online. Wherever your ideal client or customer looks for the services or products you provide, we want your business to be found.

To stay profitable, small businesses and entrepreneurs need to acquire and retain customers. We offer several services to help our clients be seen, be chosen and be retained.

Data Analysis

While most people glaze over at the thought of looking at data, my team thrives on looking at all of the data points of our client’s business. We can break down in simple terms how your company looks to others online.

What is your reputation? Where is your social media lacking? Are you ranking on Google? How are your Youtube videos performing? 

We can even compare you to your competitors, so you can see what is working for them that might be giving their company an edge over yours.

SEO Services

Our strategies will help you dominate Google by being listed on the first page for hundreds of search phrases that your potential customers use when looking for your products and services.

With our help, your business’ exposure (branding) will increase, which will bring in more customers and revenue. We help you be found online.

We specialize in Video SEO, Website SEO and Review Pages SEO

Book Creation Service

Publishing a book can help you land clients, make you an authority in your area of expertise, and generate recurring income. The Book Business Card will put you head and shoulders ahead of your competition.

What would a unique book, with you as the author, do for your business? Being an author will open doors, connect you to others, and establish a level of credibility that would be difficult to gain in other ways.

How much would just one additional client a month mean to your business? Your Book Business Card would be working for you 24/7 to bring in a steady stream of prequalified new customers. Let us make a Book Business Card for you!

Ninja Video Mojo

Our newest service, Ninja Video Mojo, is an affordable way to bring in more clients or customers.

Are your business videos working hard to bring you business? If you are creating video after video and not noticing an increase in traffic to your business, we can change that!

Let us show you how you can leverage your videos to bring you more clients or customers. Need Videos? We can create engaging videos and rank them on page one of Google where your potential clients will find them and your business!

Instant Quote Calculator

Increase your leads by capturing potential clients' email and/or phone numbers! By offering an "instant" quote, many of those who would otherwise leave your site will be encouraged to request an estimate of the services they require.

The calculator gives them full transparency. Because the web calculator  is an interactive widget, it helps increase website customer engagement. Together, transparency and interactiveness have shown to have a positive effect on conversion rate, leading to more customers. 

Press Releases

A Press Release can showcase the services that you offer and help propel your business. If you would like to get more visibility through Press Releases, please contact us for more information.

To read more about the importance of Press Releases for small businesses, click here.

Free Consultation

Contact us to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss how our strategies can help your business.